Training 050 Air Traffic Control and Search and Rescue Services
Course Title Area Control Radar
Course UATS Code 054
Course ICAO Code 054
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 06 Weeks Theoretical and Practical (180 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective On completion of this course, the participants will be able to: • Understand the main concepts of ATS Surveillance, theory of Radar Operation, Mode A, Mode C and Mode S and Radar Equipment. • Understand the Principles of the Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar Operation System. • Understand the Code system of Radar Operation, and Code allocation. • To provide the participants with specific theoretical and practical skills in Air Traffic Services procedures and techniques of Radar Control. • State the concepts and requirements associated with Traffic within En-route according to the Radar Control Environment. • To know how to handle departures, arrivals and overflying aircraft within ATS Routes according to Radar Control Techniques. • Expedite and maintain an orderly flow between climb and descent by vectoring aircraft within ATS Routes and maintain the prescribed Radar or Non-Radar Separation when deemed necessary. • To perform Area Control Radar duties under superv
Course Perquisites • The participants should have Area Control Non-Radar (Procedural) ICAO course 055.
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