Training September 2018 Training Courses
Course Title AIM Quality Control
Course UATS Code ICAO 029
Course ICAO Code ICAO 029
Course Location EGYPT
Course Duration 1 Week , 5 working Days
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective At the end, of course, trainees will be able to: • Recognize the AIS Data Process (ADP). • Apply the Static Data Procedures (SDP). • Define the Operating Procedures for AIS Dynamic Data (OPADD). • Describe the quality management system. • Differentiate among quality, quality control, quality assurance and quality management. • Extract the critical data. • Scan the essential data. • Characterize the routine data. • Recognize the structure of AIM. • Scan the required qualifications of AIM functions. • Define the importance of AIM. • Recognize the objectives of the AIM.
Course Perquisites Participants should be at least AIS Officers working in AIS Units.
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