About US

United ATS is the first Egyptian private company to provide Aviation Technology Services in The Middle East, Asia and Africa. With over Twenty years of history, United ATS has become a regional supplier of high added value aviation technology services.


To be recognized as a Global Leader in Aviation Technology Services through excellence in aviation, qualified experts, advanced facilities and improved Quality Management System.


United ATS adopted the mission to play an integral part in aviation safety by providing competent and professional services, which comply with International Standards.


* Aerodrome Design Services.
* Airfield and airside Design Services.
* Instrument Flight Procedures Design.
* Aeronautical Charts Production.
* Airspace Management and Design.
* Aeronautical Studies.
* Aeronautical Survey.
* eTOD Turnkey SERVICES.
* LiDAR.
* Flight Checking and INSPECTION.
* Aerodrome Certification Consultancy.
* NAV. Aids System Assessment and Maintenance.
* IT Services (United ITS).
* Aeronautical Software Development.
* GIS for Aviation.
* GIS Applications.
* Mobile Applications.
* Web Solutions.
* IT Consultancy.
* Simulation Tools for Aviation.
* Remote Sensing Services.