Apron Management and Ground Operations


  • This course will provide Aerodrome Officer with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes required to effectively perform their assigned tasks in Apron Management and operation , in accordance with ICAO & IATA Requirement


Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain the knowledge to understand the critical importance of apron
  • Safety management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the regulatory requirements,
  • Roles and responsibilities for apron management
  • Apply the best practices and procedures for apron management
  • Perform proper audit and maintenance of apron management
  • Describe the documentation, records and training required for apron management

Who Sould Attend

  • Airport supervisors
  • Airport managers
  • Ground operations managers
  • Aviation Authority Personnel
  • Operational staff

Course Content

  • 1) Movement Area Physical Characteristics.
  • 10) Ground Handling Below Wing.
  • 11) Apron Safety Management.
  • 12) Ground Vehicle Operations.
  • 2) Apron Surface Guidance Systems (Marking, Lights, Signs, Docking Guidance System).
  • 3) Runway Incursion Prevention.
  • 4) Airside Monitoring and Inspection.
  • 5) Airport Emergency Planning (AEP).
  • 6) Airport Rescue and Firefighting Service (ARFF).
  • 7) Adverse Weather Awareness and Low Visibility Procedure.
  • 8) Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention.
  • 9) Wildlife Hazard Management.


  • Airport Operation
Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day
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