Performance Based Navigation (PBN)


The course is designed for operational air traffic controllers and other Air Traffic Management (ATM) personnel. The aim of the course is to provide participants with fundamental knowledge on Performance Based Navigation (PBN).


By the end of This Course Participants will be able to :-

Provide an overview of the implementation and concept of operations approval process of the implementation of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)

Provides understanding and foundation of PBN knowledge to serve as the basis for future, in-depth PBN courses and to the documentation required for submission.

Who Sould Attend

  • Cartographer
  • Air Navigation Service providers; Air Traffic Controllers;; Civil Aviation Authorities; Airline Managers and operational staff
  • AIM
  • ATM

Course Content

  • Module 0 - Introduction
  • Module 01 - What is Area Navigation
  • Module 02 - What is PBN
  • Module 03 - Overview of PBN Nav Specs
  • Module 04 - What is an Airspace Concept
  • Module 05 - PBN Implementation Guidance


Participants should be Air Navigation Service providers, Air Traffic Controllers, Civil Aviation Authorities and Airline managers and operational staff.

Course Code
Course Duration
5 Day
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