Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Operations (Initial PANS-OPS)


  • This course will provide apprentice who have been recently recruited or transferred from another job with knowledge, skills, and attitude to design non-RNAV criteria for non-precision approach (NPA), arrival, precision approach (PA) and departure procedures in accordance with ICAO Doc.8168 VII and ECAR PART 311


  • To identify the Terminal Area Fixes.
  • To identify the Initial, Intermediate, Final and Missed Approach Segments.
  • To identify the Holding Concept.
  • Visual Maneuvering Concept and construction.
  • Minimum Sector Altitude and Construction.
  • To identify the Non-Precision Conventional Procedures.
  • To identify the Precision Approach Procedures. 
  • To identify the main Principles and concepts of RNAV, PBN and RNP Approach.
  • To identify the main Principles of Holding Pattern.
  •  Quality Assurance System.
  • Design Instrument Flights by the use of Ground Navigation Aids (Conventional).
  • Design Instrument Flights by the use of Satellite (RNAV).

Who Sould Attend

  • Primary Target Population: ATC Officers / IFP designers. * Secondary Target Population: Regulators
  • System Engineers
  • Pilots (civil/military)
  • Navigators
  • AIS/MAP Officers
  • Aviation Cartographers.

Course Content

  • Module 00: Course Introduction
  • Module 01: General Criteria
  • Module 02: Non Precision Conventional Procedures
  • Module 03: Precision Approach
  • Module 04: PBN
  • Design Non RNAV NPA
  • Design Non RNAV Arrival Procedure
  • Design Non RNAV PA Procedure
  • Design Non RNAV Departure
  • ICAO DOC 8168-Vol 2-Conventional part


Participants must prove an aviation background through:

  • Air Traffic Control, or Commercial Pilot, or Navigator, or Flight Dispatcher or Systems Engineer, or Aeronautical Information Management, or Aeronautical cartography.


Start Date: July 27, 2024
Registration Deadline: July 21, 2024
Fees: 6000 USD

Course Code
Course Duration
30 Day
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