Safety Oversight Air Navigation Inspectors


This course provides you with an understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the safety oversight measures relating to ANS Inspectors required of a State's aviation regulatory body and their importance.


  • Identify ICAO safety oversight Requirements.
  • Recognize and use ICAO safety oversight compliance checklist.
  • Explain the fundamental principles of air navigation services.
  • Define GNSS and global ATM plan.
  • Explain the safety management system.
  • Define how to deal with audit & ICAO checklists.
  • Define the certification requirement for ANS provider.

Who Sould Attend

  • safety managers and auditors from civil aviation administrations and air navigation service providers.

Course Content

  • Module 01: The Main Principals of ANS
  • Module 02: Safety Oversight Compliance Checklist
  • Module 03: Overview of GNSS & ATM Operational Concept
  • Module 04: Overview of Safety Management System
  • Module 05: Human Factors in ANS
  • Module 06: Human Resource Issues
  • Module 07: Safety Oversight Tools & Techniques
  • Module 08: Overview on ANS & Regulations
  • Module 09: Workshop on Safety Oversight




Start Date: August 17, 2024
Registration Deadline: August 11, 2024
Fees: 3000 USD

Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day
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