At the end of course trainees will be able to :

  • Define the SNOWTAM.
  • Differentiate between SNOTAM until 03 NOV 2021 and SNOTAM from 04 NOV 2021.
  • Demonstrate the introduction of SNOWTAM.
  • Scan the processes and procedures taken for issuing the SNOWTAM.
  • Determine the SNOWTAM format.

Who Sould Attend

  • AIS officers and operation officers of the aviation companies.
  • AIS/MAP Officers
  • ATCs AIS officers & ATS officers

Course Content

  • Module 01: Definition of SNOWTAM
  • Module 02: SNOWTAM before and after 04 NOV
  • Module 03: Introduction of SNOWTAM
  • Module 04: Procedures of Issuing SNOWTAM
  • Module 05: SNOWTAM Format


  • Participants should be at least active AIS Officers working in AIS Units.
Course Code
Course Duration
5 Day
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