3D Tower Simulator

3D Tower Simulator

United-ATS offers a high-fidelity 3D Tower Simulator for multipurpose training use, with standalone software for Aerodrome Control Tower, Ground Control, and Apron management. Our simulator supports a wide range of training scenarios for various aerodrome layouts and training types, and includes integrated Air Traffic Control 3D tower simulation with out-of-window views, aerodrome lighting, and configurable 3D views up to 225° field of view. 

Our tower simulator is designed to support the realistic training of Air Traffic Controllers in Control Towers, with configurable options for individual or team training scenarios using simple or complex exercises. The simulator features a range of simulation capabilities such as realistic aircraft performance models, air traffic management software, intuitive interface for pilot and exercise editor, and pseudo pilot control software. 

Our Exercise Control Application allows users to select and configure exercises, start, pause, resume, or stop exercises, while the Pseudo Pilot application provides an intuitive graphical interface with maximum aircraft control per position. The United-ATS Image Generator Solution provides state-of-the-art 3D out-of-window views for tower training, with photorealistic aerodrome graphics, stunning 3D rendering, and dynamic lighting and shadows. 

At United-ATS, we are committed to providing a very accurate representation of aircraft motion to ensure realistic aircraft maneuvers and effective training for student controllers. Our 3D ATC Tower Simulator has been tested and trained by many Air Traffic Controllers from different states on all aerodrome procedures. Choose United-ATS for a high-fidelity 3D Tower Simulator and take your training to the next level.


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