Training 020 Aeronautical Information Services
Course Title Advanced Aeronautical Information Officer
Course UATS Code 021
Course ICAO Code 021
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 04 Weeks (20 Working Days, 120 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • Demonstrate the equipment in field number 10a. • Scan the symbols of field number 10b. • Arrange the items in field number 18. • Know the relation between items 10 and 18 in FPL. • Extract the importance of field number 19. • Scan the trigger NOTAM. • Create the checklist. • Differentiate among the NOTAM cancelation conditions. • Know the contents and importance of qualifier line. • Respond to the short notice raw data. • Determine the AIRAC importance. • Differentiate among AIRAC dates. • Demonstrate the AIRAC cycles. • Draw approach to the using of eAIP. • Notify the using of AIRAC in AIM. • Describe the self-briefing tools. • Determine how to create the coverage zone. • Scan the user requirements to be anticipated. • Explain the using of MET in PIB. • To know the current problems of briefing to solve it.
Course Perquisites • The participants should have university degree or at least high school degree and hold ICAO course 021, and has experience in the field of aeronautical information services.
Course Contents
Course PDF 20A21ADVz.pdf
Course Schedules
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