Training 020 Aeronautical Information Services
Course Title Basic Aeronautical Cartography
Course UATS Code 022
Course ICAO Code 022
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 04 Weeks Theoretical/Practical Lectures (120 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • To provide the participants with the themes of Cartography science and how to use it in representation of Air Navigation & Aerodromes data "Aeronautical Charts“. • To be familiar with the Scale, Projections, Directions, Geographical Coordinates, WGS-84, and Topography and Relief Representation. • To read the topographic maps and extract the data from it such as obstacles and the aerodrome General geographical features needed to the ICAO Aeronautical Charts production. • To be familiar with the principals of drawing maps and reading all Aviation Charts. • At the end of this course Cartographers will be familiar with the main mandatory charts in Annex 4. • Enable the participants to know how to produce different kinds of Aeronautical Charts according to the Phases of flight. • To draw, check and amend general maps and Aeronautical Charts. • To produce all types of AIP charts using automation software's (Local software or UATS software). • Participants will be able to demo
Course Perquisites • Participants must prove an aviation background through: ICAO Course 051 or ICAO Course 021.
Course Contents
Course PDF 20A22BASz.pdf
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