Training 020 Aeronautical Information Services
Course Title NOTAM-AIP Management
Course UATS Code 029
Course ICAO Code 029
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 03 Weeks Theoretical Lectures (90 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • Revise their already existing AIP and amend its shortfalls. • Issue AIP AMDT, AIP SUP to issue NOTAM in its correct form • Differentiate between static and dynamic data and between AIP amendment and AIP supplement. • Recognize the importance of the AIP. • Respond rapidly to the information of short duration • Apply the checklist of NOTAM to revise all the publication of other states. • Define the TRIGGER NOTAM.
Course Perquisites • The course require the participant to have at least basic ATC or AIS or have an experience of not less than 10 years in AIS field.
Course Contents
Course PDF 20A29NOTAMbasic.pdf
Course Schedules
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