Training 020 Aeronautical Information Services
Course Title AIP Production and Management using Adobe Frame Maker
Course UATS Code 029
Course ICAO Code 029
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 02 Weeks Theoretical Lectures (60 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • Produce the AIP using Adobe Frame Maker and before it demonstrate the concept of automation in the civil aviation in general, its benefits and how to use the available tools to get these benefits. • Differentiate among data and evaluate it to be created in the right form. • Notify the responsibilities and functions of the state in providing AIS. • Scan the status of AIS in the civil aviation. • Extract the advantages of using eAIP for users and producers. • Define the AIRAC and determine how to use it. • Recognize the solutions of the problems of AIRAC non-adherence. • List the AIP mandatory charts. • Apply the AIRAC cycles.
Course Perquisites • The participants have to work in publications department of AIS sector or have experience of at least ten years as AIS officer in general.
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