Training 020 Aeronautical Information Services
Course Title New Services Provided by AIM
Course UATS Code 029
Course ICAO Code 029
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 01 week Theoretical Lectures (30 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • Demonstrate the need for AIRAC. • Differentiate among the AIRAC dates. • Demonstrate the AIRAC cycles. • Scan the AIRAC requirements. • Identify the troubles of non-AIRAC adherence. • Suggest Solutions of non-AIRAC adherence. • Apply the AIRAC cycle. • Describe Digital NOTAM. • Understand the role of DNOTAM. • Extract the expected benefits of DNOTAM. • Recognize the data model of DNOTAM. • Scan the integrated Aeronautical Information Briefing. • Approach to The future development of briefing. • Define the sources of the integrated briefing. • Scan the safety benefits of integrated briefing. • Extract the economic benefits of integrated briefing.
Course Perquisites • The trainees have to work in publications of AIS sector and have experience as AIS officer.
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