Training 050 Air Traffic Control and Search and Rescue Services
Course Title Approach Control - Non-Radar (Procedural)
Course UATS Code 053
Course ICAO Code 053
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 06 Weeks Theoretical and Practical (180 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • State the concepts and requirements associated with Traffic within TMA according to the Procedural Control Environment. • Identify the components of Vertical Separation including Procedures, Minima and Approach Control Phraseology in compliance with ICAO Air Traffic Management (Document 4444.). • Explain the procedures of control and handling of Departing Aircraft. • Explain the procedures of control and handling of Arriving Aircraft. • To apply the procedures of Separation between Departing Aircraft and Arriving Aircraft. • Explain the requirements and procedures for Visual Separation, Visual Approaches, and Special VFR. • To apply Horizontal Separation Methods including protected airspace procedures and minima on diverging track. • Identify the separation minima for aircraft on the same, converging, crossing, or reciprocal track; for aircraft climbing or descending through the level of another aircraft; and when applying DME procedures. • Identify the terms associated
Course Perquisites • The participants should have Aerodrome control course ICAO 052.
Course Contents
Course PDF Approach Control - Non-Radar 53.pdf
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