Training 100 Airport Engineering and Maintenance
Course Title Aerodrome "Annex 14"
Course UATS Code 101
Course ICAO Code 101
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 02 Weeks Theoretical Lectures (60 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective At the end of the course Participants will be able to: • Demonstrate familiarization with definitions used throughout ICAO Annex 14. • Demonstrate aerodrome standards and recommended practice related to Aerodrome Data. • Recognize the harmonization of the SARPs of the Physical Characteristics of the airfield items that pilots and airlines can operate to aerodromes that are similar in nature in a global sense. • Recognize the Standards and Recommended Practices (specifications) that prescribe obstacle limitation surfaces to be provided for at aerodromes, and certain facilities and technical services normally provided at an aerodrome. • Acquire the level of the basic procedures, and planning skills of airfield markings. • Apply OLS. Software to evaluate obstacles.
Course Perquisites • The Participant should have university degree or at least high school degree.
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