Training 118 Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services
Course Title Airport Fire Safety
Course UATS Code 119
Course ICAO Code 119
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 02 Weeks Theoretical Lectures (60 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • Determine the Aerodrome category of Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and the detailed requirement for each category. • Identify the Airport Reference Codes (ARC). • Identify the airport emergency Exercises types and knows how to calculate the "Response Time". • Understand the combustion process, different fire classes, fire extinguisher types, operating procedures. • Describe the nine classes of HAZMAT (Dangerous Goods). • Get benefits about the risk assessment process. • Get detailed idea about Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). • Demonstrate how to use a SCBA Units. • Recognize the various components of basic building construction &understand the effects of fire on common building materials. • Summarize, establish, and supervise a partial scale Exercise.
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