Training 130 Aviation Security
Course Title Aviation Security Professional Management
Course UATS Code 131
Course ICAO Code 131
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 02 Weeks Theoretical Lectures (60 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective By the end of this course, the participants will be able to: • The main concepts of Aviation Security. • Identify Aviation Global Organizations. • Understand the nature of Threats and Risks to Civil Aviation. • Recognize Aviation Security Measures Development. • Demonstrate familiarization with ICAO Annexes and Documents. • Identify Airport Security Staff Responsibilities. • Recognize the methods of Passengers Checking and Inspection. • Define Suspicious Behaviors using specific Indicators. • Identify and Classify dangerous prohibited items in Aviation Security field. • Understand why and how Aircraft searches are conducted. • Identify the DOs and DONTs, of Fire and Fire Fighting in Aviation Security field.
Course Perquisites Trainee should have -at least- one year experience in Civil Aviation works.
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