Training Civil Aviation Administrations and Legislation
Course Title Procedures for Air Navigation Services–Operations (Advanced PANS-OPS)
Course UATS Code 159
Course ICAO Code 159
Course Location CAIRO
Course Duration 04 Weeks of Theoretical/Practical lectures (120 hours).
Course Price
Course Language ENGLISH
Course Objective • To give a more constrained environment such as: • Visual Maneuvering Concept and construction. • Minimum Sector Altitude and Construction. • The Non Precision Conventional Procedures. • The Precision Approach Procedures. • The main Principles and concepts of RNAV, PBN and RNP Approach. • The design procedures involving advanced criteria for departures and approach procedures in accordance with competency standards. • Design departure for parallel runways. • Missed approach procedure. • Noise abatement. • Airspace management. • Aeronautical study. • Quality Assurance System. By the end of this course, the participants will be able to: • Design Instrument Flights by the use of Ground Navigation Aids (Conventional). • Design non-RNAV SID/STAR omnidirectional departure and arrival. • Design Instrument Flights by the use of Satellite (RNAV).
Course Perquisites • Participants must prove an aviation background through: • Air Traffic Control, or Commercial Pilot, or Navigator, or Flight Dispatcher or Systems Engineer, or Aeronautical Information Management, or Aeronautical cartography.
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