Training July 2019 Training Courses
Course Title Aeronautical Charts
Course UATS Code ICAO 029
Course ICAO Code ICAO 029
Course Location Egypt
Course Duration 01 – 04 July
Course Price
Course Language English
Course Objective 1. To have a general review regarding the main principals of cartography. 2. Recognize the main air navigation systems including satellite systems and methods. 3. Recognize the survey that is related to the production of aeronautical ICAO charts. 4. Read, design, draw and produce all aeronautical ICAO charts using CAD Tools. 5. Determine quality control procedures for the Aeronautical Charts that will be published in the AIP and also the necessary amendments in the amendment cycle. 6. Learn all digital data sources that is used in the charts productions such as Digital Elevation Model “DEM” data, Obstacle Dataset and Other Aeronautical Data. 7. Build the Work file needed to produce the ICAO Aeronautical Charts. 8. Explain, design, draw, check and amend all Aeronautical charts required by the ICAO for aviation purposes manually and by using suitable electronic aids (CAD tools).
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