Every day and during every flight, thousands of aircraft around the world are flying instrument departure, arrival, or approach procedures to airports in every country. The safety and quality of these procedures are often taken for granted by aviation professionals. So, Flight procedures are such an integral part of everyday flight operations that their quality cannot be left to chance.

in the case of an aircraft approaching an aerodrome to land, a defined procedure designed to enable an aircraft to descend safely is known as Instrument Flight Procedures Design (IFPD).

The purpose of an instrument let-down is to bring an aircraft past all hills and obstructions to a particular position at a low height. If the pilot follows the correct procedure, the aircraft will obviously clear the hills and obstructions.

Until the required design procedure, There are two types of approaches ground-based NAVAID approaches and satellite-based (RNAV).

By using any type of approaching the aircraft can land:

  • Precision Approaches (PA), Non-Precision Approaches (NPA) or Approaches with Vertical Guidance (APV).
  • To design any type of approach for any airport must be collected data requirement for this design such as (runways, navigation aids, elevation, obstacles, etc.…).


All procedures are designed according to DOC 8168 vol II ICAO SARP…

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